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about us

We are a trading company based in India. Over the period of time we have established a long and close working relationship with suppliers and clients which not only facilitates quick and reliable services related to different products but also exceeds customer expectations.

We channelize the commercial flow of import and export products by arranging and also managing international trade projects with different partners. Integrating all the commerce and trade functions into numerous competencies and channels allows us to respond to the needs and the requirements of the industries and markets
Global Tie-ups of Local Flavours is the way to bring people together!

Quality Product

Given our dedication and commitment we are able to supply the best products. Our services are smooth and transparent. This has resounding success owing to our focus on quality. We ensure that all the international benchmarks and parameters are achieved as far as products and services are maintained at affordable rates

Product Range

As an efficient and effective supply chain management firm that is committed to each aspect of the trade, right from sourcing materials to the customer needs – we have a bouquet of products to offer.

Water Treatment Plant

Empower communities with pristine water solutions - our cutting-edge water treatment plant delivers unparalleled purification technology.


High quality stones and marble procured from natural stone sites with precision incorporated in sizing and specifications.


The sweetness of memories and freshness of taste is something unforgettable. Packed with the long lasting packaging technology


An assortment of fruits and vegetables that are exotic and specific to the country of export with local farmer tie-ups ensures that the best produce reaches you.


We deal with all kinds of spices that matter to you for the best culinary delight. Organic and farm sourced Spices are our highlight in the spice segment.


We bring to you Ceramic building products that go beyond just tiles with impeccable designs. We have an excellent source of Laminate products with extensive design range to please your interiors.


Paper products in the form of tissues constitute a major part of consumables. Strength in paper and quality weaving and binding means better usage of tissues for various purposes.


Naturally sweet is the product that you need in everyday lifestyle of stress and work. Our export quality honey is not only organically produced and packaged but also meets the international standards.


Educational, recreational or tactile - our extensive toy ranges for different age levels puts your child on a good developmental level.

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